‘Wonder Woman 1984’: The Price of Greed

Wonder Woman” Diana happily reunites with her boyfriend Steve Trevor, who died 66 years ago, but she has to pay dearly for her wish.

Wonder Woman 1984, released in domestic cinemas on December 18, is the second installment in the DC cinematic universe’s superhero series of the same name. If the first part revolves around the context of World War One, the second part takes the audience to follow Princess Diana, ie the superhero Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot), to 1984 in the US, the Cold War period is taking place. .

In the second part, director and screenwriter Patty Jenkins continues to open by delving into the past of Diana, the princess of Zeus who was raised in the Amazon warrior tribe. The audience was soon attracted to the thrill of the contest between female warriors. The child version of Diana performs action scenes such as climbing, horseback riding, archery. The scene of Themyscira island (the residence of the Amazon warriors) was built majestically and poetically. All create an impressive segment for the film before entering the main content.

The script is built around an ancient treasure that has the ability to grant wishes. When the FBI seized the item from the smuggling group, they sent it to the Smithsonian Institution (where Diana worked in the 1980s), where archaeologist Barbara (Kristen Wiig) examined. Diana and Barbara accidentally activate the function of the treasure, making their wishes come true. Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) – a failed oil businessman – tries to steal the treasure for his plot to become “head”.

The film is inspired by the short story Monkey Hand by W.W. Jacobs, on the cost of greed. When the character uses the treasure to grant a wish, they will lose another precious thing in possession. Barbara lost her cheerfulness and honesty in order to regain her strength. When Diana wished to see Steve Trevor again (who died in season one), her divine powers waned.

Diana (left) and Steve Trevor reunite after 66 years apart in the second Wonder Woman. Photo: DC.
Diana (left) and Steve Trevor reunite after 66 years of separation in the second “Wonder Woman”. Photo: DC.

Since then, Patty Jenkins conveys the message that success is only truly valuable when it comes from efforts, efforts, and the realization of dreams at any cost. The director also makes a point about the truth, that it sometimes does not bring victory or happiness but is the only thing that saves people from temptation, deception. All three characters Diana, Barbara and Maxwell Lord go through a journey to face their own shortcomings, thereby putting aside greed and accepting the real person inside. Besides the main theme, the director also added many messages about feminism, sacrifice, calling for peace or family affection…

The picture and sound part is the highlight of the movie. Wonder Woman 1984 has many impressive panoramic shots of nature, cities, to the beauty of superhero characters. “Sound Wizard” Hans Zimmer offers soundtracks that match the content of each segment, from suspenseful scenes to romance. The non-verbal versions are played in the background most of the time, contributing to boosting the audience’s emotions at each script milestone and signaling the story to the next chapter.

Scenery, costumes are carefully invested. The team succeeds in recreating the colorful 1980s in America or the island of the Amazon tribe. At the end, the film provides a contrast to the chaos of America before the threat of World War Three. The director dedicated many scenes to recalling 1980s fashion fads, such as the American trend of sports, skydiving pants, and belly bags.

The team invests in costumes and sets to recreate America in the 1980s. Photo: DC.
The team invests in costumes and sets to recreate America in the 1980s. Photo: DC.

Wonder Woman 1984 also inherits many successes from the first part. Reviving Steve Trevor helps audiences relive the romantic moments between these two characters, which Gal Gadot and Chris Pine showed well in the previous episode. As a rare superhero blockbuster of the year, the work focuses a lot of time on serving fans of DC comics. The crew added more scenes to honor the beauty and strength of Wonder Woman. Diana also learns many new superpowers in season two. Some actors from the first part or once associated with the Wonder Woman franchise re-appear, as a tribute of the studio to their merits.

In part two, Wonder Woman continues to reveal more clearly the human part, the joy – anger – love – oh, inside the demigod character. In the first segment, little Diana cries and gets angry when she is prevented from winning with the excuse of cheating. Immortal, adult Diana must live a lonely life as loved ones pass away one by one. The goddess hesitated to make new friends, afraid to say goodbye again. Trevor’s resurrection makes Diana even more shaken about superhero responsibility. Her mind was torn between saving the world or deceiving herself in order to continue to be happy.

With a length of 151 minutes, Wonder Woman 1984 can make the audience feel long. The movie has a lot of redundant scenes

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