Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” has certainly hit its title, acting, appropriately, not as an actual biopic but as a strange parody of a movie, containing full of funny stories and bizarre flights.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe and produced and co-written by Yankovic himself, like the songs of the same name, are a bit goofy at times, but still have enough energy and attention to help bring the easily overlooked Roku channel into everyone’s sight.

The delightful conceit behind the entire project – which expands on a spoof movie trailer released in 2010 – is a Weird Al biopic that works like one of the top songs. his ratings, take the form of the genre but stand out. Find someone whose comedy talent is on the go and who has something to keep the audience engaged and mostly entertained, while being able to Google to see where the truth lies (if all).

Consider Yankovic’s parents, who told him bluntly in his youth, “Stop being who you are and do the things you love.” Or how he started playing the accordion, after his dad beat a door-to-door salesman within an inch of his life.

Al eventually stumbled across his musical career, turning the song “My Sharona” into “My Bologna” when his roommate asked him to make a sandwich and then caught the eye of the song maestro/ disc-jockey Dr. Demento (Rainn Wilson), who actually played a role in the discovery of Yankovic, but not quite in the way described here.

The movie begins its weirdest adventure yet by charting Al’s relationship with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood, in a rather odd role) who actually asks him to parody one of the her song, but may not become his girlfriend and will be kidnapped at some point.

Directed by Eric Appel (who produced the aforementioned short, and shared the script with Yankovic, who also guest-starred), “Weird” was produced through the people at Funny or Die. Blushing at first, the idea of ​​creating something entirely different around Yankovic, is conveyed with the same playful carelessness that he brings to his tunes, like what Uncle doctor requested.

Given its flimsy foundation, the idea that it runs out of steam a little before the end seems inevitable and acceptable, especially when taking into account that the subject’s most memorable works. This thread only runs for about three minutes, max.

In a way, nothing can be a more perfect sign of hungry content in the streaming age than hyping up a mini-comedy into a voyeuristic one. However, even allowing for the fact that “Weird” is nothing more than a snack, as the man in question sang, just eat it.

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