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Parents need to know that The Star is an animated, faith-based take on the Nativity story that’s told from the perspective of the animals that accompanied Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. There’s nothing too scary or iffy for young kids, except for a scene in which a big, scary animal charges people and other animals (no one is seriously hurt). There are also two intimidate attack dogs that end up temporarily incapacitated before they can do any harm, and a few other scenes of peril. King Herod is cruel and selfish, but he’s clearly a bad guy — as are the minions he sends after Mary and Joseph. Expect strong, clear messages about Christmas, family, and faith; obviously the movie aligns with the Christian belief in Jesus’ virgin birth (although that detail isn’t lingered on). It also has themes of compassion and integrity. Moviegoers of all backgrounds will recognize many of the voice actors (including Keegan-Michael Key, Oprah Winfrey, and Zachary Levi), but the film is likely to have the most appeal for Christian families..

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