The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel is written, expecting an adaptation

Disney revealed that the novel ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ about the sequel to the original film of the same name produced in 1993 is about to be released in the near future. This is one of Disney’s animated “masterpieces” that is loved by many audiences and fans.
Set in the 19th century town of Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas revolves around the interesting and humorous story of Jack Skellington – the Pumpkin King in town with a slim figure. During a walk in the woods, Jack accidentally opened the door to Christmastown, it seems that the joyful atmosphere here has made him mesmerized. Therefore, Jack came up with the “crazy” idea to kidnap Santa and turn himself into the Lord of Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve suddenly turns into a nightmare for the whole town when Jack shows up dressed in red with a long beard on a rickshaw of three reindeer skeletons and distributes terrifying gifts to everyone. People. However, after that, Jack changed his mind and decided to free Santa. In the end, The Nightmare Before Christmas still comes to a warm ending in the spirit of Christmas and brings a lot of laughter to the audience.

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