Review movie The Lion King childhood of many people

Review of the movie The Lion King this is a must-see movie that is the childhood of countless people, a nostalgia when it comes to this movie. The movie has a 5.3/10 score on IMDb and a good 59% on Rotten Tomatoes which is an epic score.

The Lion King movie review
The childhood of many people who are viewing this article, at the same time is also one of the classic animated movies of all time: The Lion King (1994). Adding the number behind is to distinguish it from the live action version released in 2019.

The Lion King is the most successful name compared to many Disney contemporaries such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or Mulan. Although it was released a long time ago, many of the film’s achievements have persisted over the years.

The Lion King movie review begins the movie
The Lion King opens with the founding of the lion Simba, son of Mufasa, lord of all things. The little prince is expected to become a majestic king like his father in the future.

Everything would have gone so smoothly without Scar, Simba’s uncle, or Mufasa’s brother. A cunning sly man is always on the lookout to usurp the throne from that unscrupulous kid.

Until one day, an accident occurred. The king dies, the traitor usurps the throne, the prince finds a new path, revives his spirit and discovers himself, before he can face the biggest challenge of his life.

Comedy elements of the movie
Scattered throughout the film thanks to the loveliness of the characters and the personification of them by the producer. You will have a lot of laughter in the theater to help relieve the slow, even quite boring, in the movie circuit even though the plot of the movie is happening continuously.

The Lion King 2019 contains a lot of meaning
Although the lessons in the film are only superficial and not deep enough like the movie Aladdin. It is likely that after watching the movie you will want to live a free life, without thinking about tomorrow and always think “Hakuna Matata” (Don’t worry) like Pumbaa and Timon can too. The film talks a lot about family affection, friendship and first of all the qualities of a good king. All of these philosophies seem to be more suitable for children.

Excellent Screenplay
If you have ever watched the original version of The Lion King, you will notice that the content of this film still adheres to the old plot about the adult journey of Simba – the heir to the official throne of the land. Land of Kings. Following in the footsteps of the little prince from the moment he led the “debut” with the people of the King’s Land, to the time when the boy had to run alone from his mistakes and the conspiracy of his cunning uncle, finally turned back. returned with a fierce roar and a challenge to regain the iron throne.

Excellent Screenplay
The film continues with the familiar immortal soundtrack and beautiful picture of the natural world, immersing the audience in a dreamlike paradise that makes viewers feel like themselves. Everyone is so small in front of the majestic nature. However, The Lion King gives Touch Cinema a feeling of regret, regret because the earth was once beautiful

An eye-catching, sparkling image party to every detail
The Lion King is completely created by CGI technology (not animals play where children), with extremely beautiful and impressive images and effects. This is truly a visual masterpiece, bringing viewers to a wild world that cannot be more realistic, where every blade of grass, every drop of water, every hair, is meticulously cared for in every detail.

Movie review
Short and concise plot with many emotional segments, beautiful character creation even though it is still 2D animation, the vibrant music of the forest has brought the film both Oscars as Song. in Best Movie and Best Soundtrack. This is also the only time Hans Zimmer – a talented composer and a close colleague of Christopher Nolan won a gold statue after many nominations.

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Up to now
Reviewing the movie The Lion King can be said that The Lion King is the only classic Disney animated film that every target audience can see and feel good about, because what the movie revolves around is not a single movie. A good young man has a magic lamp or a romance between a beauty and an animal. On the contrary, the Lion King offers many interesting life lessons even with only one story lying around in an hour and thirty minutes.

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