The King’s Man – The prequel loses its brand identity

The movie part based on The Kingsman brand, although still possesses an impressive cast and attractive themes, has a rather strange handling, losing what was once loved by the audience in the 2 electric movies. previously released photos.

The King’s Man is the third film project in the series about the special spy organization Kingsman, based on Icon Comics’ 2012 comic brand The Secret Service.

After the success of two episodes of Kingsman: The Secret Service released in 2015 and Kingsman: The Golden Circle in 2017, 20th Century Fox quickly accelerated the expansion of the franchise by setting up a prequel episode aimed at The purpose is to recount the origin as well as the reasons behind the birth of the non-governmental spy organization called Kingsman.

Unlike the previous installments of the franchise, The King’s Man is staged in a completely different style. The film does not focus on creating a true satirical black action work, but instead disperses the material to scenes that exploit the character’s psychology in the monotonous relationship between Oxford (and the people). his ideal son Conrad.

The climax in the film has not really created a positive effect. The film is quite lengthy and lengthy in the way the drama develops along with the waste of interesting characters such as Gemma Arterton’s Polly, Djimon Hounsou’s Neil or Rhys Ifans’ villain Rasputin.

The overlap in placing the political plots of the dictatorial villains seems to open a work with layers and many interesting twists, but in fact proves the opposite. The film can hardly make an impression on the viewer of any individual it mentions.

Along with that, most of the action scenes in the film have been shown in previous promotional videos, making the experience of enjoying The King’s Man completely difficult to identify as a pleasant and suitable work. suitable for entertainment.

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