The Gray Man: A potential brand or an entertaining movie in the “gray zone”?

The Gray Man begs the question, do we need another Sierra Six when the world already has Bond and Bourne?

Adapted from the famous book series, with the participation of A-list stars and blockbuster directors, it must be admitted that The Gray Man opens up many opportunities for a new franchise even though the quality of this introductory film is only limited. pretty average.

More guns, bigger explosions but… smaller screen?
In the Hollywood film industry, “bigger” and “louder” are idioms that refer to the race of action blockbusters that are heavily focused on visual effects and entertainment. Those are the movies that make the audience experience the most explosive potential of the big screen. However, with the growth of streaming platforms, spectacle is no longer just for the big screen.

In 2020, Netflix released two original movies, The Old Guard and Extraction, giving a feeling of watching action blockbusters at home. In 2021, Netflix continues to pamper viewers with Army of the Dead and Red Notice. These are two “original movies” that are ranked as terrible and playable by this streaming service.

What do these movies have in common?

First, all of the movies mentioned above are in the action genre. Next, every movie is based on the name of the filmmaker or the lead actor, most of which are A-list.

Audiences noticed The Old Guard for Charlize Theron and Extraction for Chris Hemsworth. Audiences are interested in Army of the Dead because of the leadership of director Zack Snyder and extremely interested in Red Notice when meeting 3 kings and queens of the box office: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Red Notice used to be considered by many people to be a waste of a movie with a thin quaacute plot. Source Netflix
Red Notice has been criticized by many critics as a waste of 3 actors with a too thin plot | Source: Netflix
One pattern that perhaps audiences are paying less attention to is that the budgets of these action movies are increasing day by day. Extraction had a starting price of $60 million, The Old Guard was $70 million and Red Notice hit the ceiling with a $200 million budget.

However, this increasingly huge investment is inversely proportional to the assessment of experts. If The Old Guard was praised for its fresh ideas, Extraction and Army of the Dead began to face mixed reviews because of the old formulas.

However, the above 4 films are all loved by the audience and have been “green lighted” for the next movies, marking the birth of new action franchises that are licensed to be distributed by Netflix.

Continuing the above trend, Netflix released The Gray Man, a $200 million action movie starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. The project is led by the Russo brothers – who made the cult Marvel series and Avengers: Endgame.

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