Star Wars- The Mandalorian – Comic Review

Mando and the Child arrived on Tatooine where they make new friends and foes in The Mandalorian #5.

The Mandalorian #5 from Marvel Comics, titled The Gunslinger, starts with action and rarely lets up. Having left behind the chance of a peaceful life on the planet Sorgan, Mando escapes another bounty hunter and makes an emergency landing on Tatooine. He lands in Bay Three-Five where he meets mechanic Peli Motto and her gang of droids, who agree to help him fix his ship for the right price. Mando heads to search for work and Motto becomes the de facto babysitter for the Child (seeing the beginning of this relationship in comic form will warm your heart). Mando meets newbie bounty hunter Toro Calican in a cantina, and agrees to help him hunt down the elite mercenary Fennec Shand. After a shootout, the two successfully capture Shand, and as Mando heads off to find transportation, Shand’s attempt to turn Calican backfires, resulting in a blaster bolt to her gut and Calican on the hunt for Mando. Calican’s attempt to capture Mando fails as he and Peli work together to take him down, with the Child unharmed to Motto’s great relief. Mando more than pays Motto for her help with his ship and the Child and goes offworld. As the issue concludes, a mysterious stranger approaches Shand’s unconscious body in the Dune Sea.

The Mandalorian #5 has plenty to keep the creative team busy, with introductions of multiple new characters, a new setting, and a twisty plotline, but they execute everything beautifully. Writer Rodney Barnes does an amazing job of making sure each scene lands and, as he’s done often with The Mandalorian comic adaptation, uses non-dialogue panels with great success. Penciler Georges Jeanty has a tall order with the pure headcount of characters, which he mostly succeeds in, though I will say Peli’s characterization doesn’t do Amy Sedaris justice. I would have preferred a more stylized version of Peli, versus trying to capture Sedaris’ expressive face. Inker Dexter Vines and color artist Rachelle Rosenberg’s skills add to the hand-crafted feel of The Mandalorian, one done with care and artistic excellence.

The Mandalorian #5 comes with four cover options for collectors to hunt down. Stephanie Hans handles the main cover which has Mando and the Child stylishly sauntering out of the Razor Crest. E.M. Gist’s variant cover features Mando in cowboy mode with Stormtrooper helmets on pikes in the background and done in a paintbrush style that’s really eye-catching. Rachelle Stott chose the scene between Mando and Toro discussing Shand’s bounty in the cantina for her variant. And the concept art cover featuring Christian Alzmann’s art focuses on Mando and Toro communicating with the Tuskens.

The Mandalorian #5 has crash landed in comic book stores everywhere, be sure to pick up a copy (or one of each variant cover) today!

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