Review: The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

Parents need to know that this classic holiday cartoon has a few mildly perilous and sad scenes and one villain in the form of a bumbling magician. Frosty occasionally loses the magic hat that brings him to life, and of course the small-town kids are sad when Frosty is just an ordinary snowman instead of their friendly, walking, talking pal. Frosty’s young friend Karen runs away from home in order to help Frosty, but she truly believes she’ll only be gone for a little while and no one will notice. In a few short scenes, Karen is in danger of freezing, and in the saddest scene, Frosty completely melts, and Karen believes he’s gone forever — but it’s a family holiday movie, so of course he’s not. Parents should also know that this DVD is often paired with Frosty Returns, a loose sequel from 1992 that isn’t nearly as fun.

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