Review of the movie Wanda Vision caused a global storm recently

Review of the movie Wanda Vision, a movie probably from the Marval family, is considered as the opening of a new era of superheroes, closing the journey of the former superhero members and letting the new rookies. throne.

It’s been quite a while since Spider-Man: Far From Home was released, and audiences have been enjoying a sequel to Marvel: WandaVision. This time it’s not a movie but a tv series.

Review movie WandaVision this work opens
For a series of shows by Marvel Studio and Disney, now that they are box office hegemony and the next goal will probably be to occupy the small screen, which is still the kingdom of Netflix.

WandaVision takes viewers back to a time far away before Thanos squeezed Vision’s acne to the point of collecting his life. At the moment, the robot and the little witch are still enjoying their happy days, or at least the audience sees it.

They even participated in a reality TV show about their own life, he hid his identity and got a job while she stayed at home to take care of the children. You should also gradually forget the image of a visionary as a philosopher, lifting even Thor’s hammer is enough.

WandaVision is more of a story of Wanda than of a couple, actress Elizabeth Olsen has had an excellent performance with countless feelings from innocence, joyful life to contemplation, sorrow and regret. , many people think that she is eligible for an Emmy nomination, but it is undeniable that the contribution of Vision by Paul Bettany

He shows us an honest, bewildered Vision throughout most of the movie when he doesn’t know who he really is, a person full of innocence as well as a big heart that only cares about the other person. Combined with that is a series of supporting actors when acting extremely charming to leave an impression in many moments. It’s not sad enough to ignore the main villain of the film when he surprised when he showed up with a very good hypocrisy.

Sound & Image
The sound and visuals of the film are also carefully invested, it is important that the music is always relevant to each decade in the film bringing great nostalgia, there are a few songs dedicated to important characters that have trended on social channels. when covered a lot. With a big budget like a movie theater, the image in the movie is quite decent, but to say it’s too great, not even the fight scenes to have the opportunity to use the best effects are not many.

Some interesting things about the movie WandaVision
According to research by Parrot Analytics, a data company that measures TV shows, WandaVision has now become the most popular TV series in the world today when generating impressive numbers of views and comments globally.

Some interesting things about the movie WandaVision
Film review Wanda Vision the film applies a very unique model when going through each stage of grief, damage and loss as the model of psychologist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross mentioned in the book On On Death And Dying. These are Denial – Anger – Bargain – Depression – Acceptance respectively.

The supplier invests a lot of money
Instead of Marvel Television, WandaVision is produced by Marvel Studios itself. Therefore, the film is at its best and increases in production level. Although the length of each episode is relatively short, even the first two episodes are only about 20 minutes, made in the style of a traditional sitcom series, but the budget is really surprising.

As reported by Hollywood Reporter
Disney had to spend up to 25 million USD to create 1 episode of WandaVision. This number even surpasses the huge budget of The Mandalorian, with each episode falling in the range of $15 million. Thus, in the first season of its debut, WandaVision will have to spend a total budget of 225 million USD for 9 episodes, while the superhero product Avengers will only cost the producer about 220 million USD only. .

Reviews of the movie
Although there have been quite a few Marvel series before such as Daredevil or The Punisher, WandaVision is the first series that really connects and plays a solid role in the MCU.

The film is set a short time after the events of Endgame.
With Vision gone, Wanda was devastated and spawned her new reality, in the form of a century-old sitcom. However, this new reality is confined to a town, and the outside world remains the same.

With Vision gone, Wanda was devastated and spawned her new reality, in the form of a century-old sitcom. However, this new reality is confined to a town, and the outside world remains the same.

The film is set a short time after the events of Endgame.
Wanda Vision movie review Scarlet Witch’s most famous power is now in the film, not only picking up a bunch of things and throwing them around, which has been done by dozens of other heroes, but changing reality. At first, we thought Vision was resurrected from his corpse, but no, Wanda even “molded” a new Vision, with full power just like the real version.

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