Review of the movie Fast and Furious 9: Paving the way for a new superhero universe

The Fast and Furious action racing movie franchise has had a journey that spanned 20 years and is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. In 2021, global audiences will again be accompanied by the Toretto family in new adventures in the 9th part of the film. Will the film’s fantasy be raised to a new level? Let’s get addicted to review Fast and Furious 9 movie to get the answer guys!

Plot: Thought that after everything, Dominic Toretto and Letty would live in peaceful days with their little son. However, the villains plotted against the world once again forcing Toretto and his friends to pack their bags and go to the rescue. His adventure this time is not easy because he has to fight modern technology and his opponent is a person who is very close to him before.

Similar to the previous films, Fast and Furious 9 still immerses viewers in its fast and continuous movie circuit with adventures to many new countries and lands. The film is dotted with action, racing, gunfights and fierce explosions throughout more than 120 minutes of film length, bringing an entertaining movie and creating an irresistible attraction for the audience when follow.

The action sequences of Fast and Furious 9 are indeed much more upgraded than the previous ones thanks to modern technology but hardly real in reality. Surely a lot of viewers will think that they are watching a superhero movie, not a movie about people anymore because all the laws of physics in Fast and Furious 9 are blatantly ignored enough to make her angry. Teacher Minh Thu burst into tears and the audience had to shake their heads and laugh because it was too fictional. The feeling of Dominic Toretto in this part 9 is like Bloodshot (a superhero movie starring Vin Diesel) because he alone can weigh an army.

The fiction of Fast and Furious 9 also comes from the fact that the characters in the Toretto family are unharmed despite experiencing fires, overturning cars, entering the area of ​​bullets, landmine storms, so much so that the characters in the film keep moving. have to wonder why the bullets and injuries dodged them and themselves seemed invincible one part after another. However, the above immortals are not as fictional as the virtual action scenes with the car when the filmmakers for the car can swing, acrobatic, suck and push all objects and even fly. into the universe. Not knowing the next part, Toretto and his gang will be racing across the planet, everyone.

It still has to be admitted that although it is virtual, the explosive and chasing phases of Fast and Furious 9 still ensure voyeurism and create excitement for viewers. Looking at the supercars in the movie, I fell in love with you guys, very beautiful and shiny, but compared to the previous movies, the cars in this part 9 have less highlights because the movie focuses on technology too much. so this vehicle appears to be more obscure.

The plot of Fast and Furious 9 is still relatively simple with the interweaving of the current storyline with Toretto’s past storyline. The film’s motif is quite predictable and there are no twists or plot twists to surprise the audience. The villain in the film is quite bad with a terrible plot but the ability is very boring, so the final action scene seems very epic but lacks depth and is difficult to leave much in the audience’s mind.

Part 9 of the film also marks the return of the beloved character Han of the Fast and Furious series. However, the reason for the return as well as the performance in Fast and Furious 9 is not really convincing and does not leave much impression on the audience. The film lacks emotional elements, especially touching scenes that do not work for viewers while the comedy details are quite gentle and not deep enough to be interesting.

Similar to other movies, Fast and Furious 9 continues to emphasize family and brotherhood. Through disagreements and misunderstandings, he and the audience will better understand the weight of the two words love. However, the message of the film just stopped at the roll call and because the word family was always repeated throughout the films, as soon as Fast and Furious 9 was released, a sarcastic trend about Toretto suddenly became hot on the internet. the network is always with you. Balancing between entertainment and other factors, the review rated the content of the movie at 6.5/10.

Image – Sound: This is probably the best part of the Fast and Furious franchise and this is the same in part 9. The action, explosion, and shooting scenes of the film meet all expectations of the viewer’s vision with realistic effects and worthy of the blockbuster title. The filming angles of the film are not special and the fighting phase is not strong enough, but combined, it still provides very good entertainment. The film’s music is modern hip hop, suitable for the atmosphere and color of the film. Therefore, I am addicted to reviewing this section 8/10.

Acting: In fact, after nearly 20 years with 9 movies, the actors of Fast and Furious seem to have become immersed in the characters they take on, so we hardly see any breakthrough in expressions and the acting of the cast. Everything is fine and the audience is so used to it that the impression that the acting part of the film gives is not high. The only novelty of Fast and Furious 9 is the appearance of John Cena in the role of Jakob with the potential to reappear in the following parts of this franchise, but unfortunately his role in part 9 is not really outstanding. interesting for the audience to feel loved. That’s why, I am addicted to reviewing the acting part of the movie 6.5/10, guys.

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