[Review] Black Panther: The Perfect Opening To Infinity War

Black Panther is a big surprise when it comes to content that is almost separate from the Avengers events, except for Baron Zemo’s penance in the news segment that T’Challa watched. Despite the anticipation for the secret of vibranium, the soul stone or the mysterious whereabouts of Captain America and his fugitive friends, Black Panther’s main focus is on the “game of thrones” in Wakanda. In addition, comic fans will also be delighted when details from the original story such as the character White Wolf, the mask that Killmonger stole from the British museum all appear in the film. The content integrates political, cultural, and human ideological elements. In particular, the film has many details from satire to outright condemnation of racism. In addition, the film does not hesitate to “kick” the US president. Chadwick Boseman still plays Black Panther as well as he first appeared two years ago. However, compared to the majestic and arrogant Black Panther, fighting with Captain America and the Winter Soldier, he was “understood” a bit too much. In Black Panther, we see the young king’s inner weakness. He grew up in a wonderful land, grew up in a happy family, and never faced any dilemma in his position of power. So, when the perfect life appears deceitful, T’Challa takes time to get over it. In the position of a replacement for Iron Man to become the future guarantor of the Avengers in particular and the MCU in general, Black Panther temporarily made viewers satisfied. However, when compared to actor Robert Downey Jr. extremely talented and a major contributor to bringing the MCU to its current glory, both Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman need to strive harder, exploiting the character’s inner self more thoroughly, not simply playing the rich guy. You can spend money to buy a whole house. The audience will wholeheartedly support and wait for Black Panther to return more majestically with Avengers: Infinity War. If last year, Wonder Woman created a strong feminist symbol, the female cast in Black Panther is equally heartwarming. T’Challa’s mother, lover and sister are all women with a very important role, not simply a supporter behind her back. Nakia – T’Challa’s daughter had to break up due to disagreements but was always present when her ex-lover needed support. The role of a beautiful and good girl in martial arts does not cause any difficulties for Lupita Nyong’o – the actress who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Despite her small appearances, Angela Bassett, with her great movie experience and a series of beloved roles in Olympus Has Fallen, American Horror Story still made Queen Ramonda make a big impression. However, surely no one has won more love than the genius girl Shuri. Beautiful, intelligent, and wholeheartedly family-loving, Shuri can be considered the perfect Disney princess. As a character with intelligence equal to Tony Stark plus vibranium strength, Shuri has developed the Wakanda technology to a terrible level. In the future, when Tony “retires”, this teenage girl will be a source of “toys” for the next generation of Avengers members. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the female general Okoye with her not-so-beautiful appearance but making viewers fall in love. In the villain line, Erik Killmonger completely conquered the public, becoming the best villain in Marvel. Michael B. Jordan finally got a role to make up for the disastrous failure in Fanstastic Four (2015). It seems that after much criticism about the villain, Vulture, Hela and Killmonger have recently made great progress. Erik has a background, a reason for hatred, and a strong ideal. Characters are built tight, perfect and there seems to be no point to criticize. This excellence makes up for the disappointment when Ulysses Klaue thought that the main villain had a too lackluster role like The Mandarin (Iron Man 3). It must be said that only Andy Serkis can help smuggler Ulysses Klaue escape the fate of being forgotten by moviegoers right after Black Panther’s end. The madness expressed through gestures, voice and especially eyes is extremely excellent. The rare white person left is Everest Ross played by Martin Freeman which also hasn’t been shown much. As a CIA agent, Agent Ross is quite gentle and is “twisted around” by Wakanda’s friends. In return, he is the one who creates a few rare laughs between this serious movie and “vegetarian handsome” M’Baku. Continuing the MCU’s tradition of using lesser-known directors, Black Panther successfully introduced Ryan Coogler to the masses. In addition, he co-wrote with Joe Robert Cole. With Black Panther, Marvel has had perfect momentum before opening the most important new movie – the great battle Avengers: Infinity War. The infinity battle will be an epic ending to open up a new future for the MCU or sadly receive defeat like Justice League from its DC neighbor. In just two months we will know the answer.

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