Quick review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 just arrived in Vietnamese cinemas not long ago, but it has caused mixed public opinion. Among my friends, many people praised the movie full of words, but some of them criticized it. To have my own opinion, this afternoon I also went to see the movie urgently. After watching it, I can conclude that the film is also worth watching, suitable for entertainment purposes (isn’t it supposed to be nominated for Oscars?), but the audience should not expect too much from the film other than factors. that entertainment. Here are my briefest comments about ASM for your reference:

  1. I enjoyed the movie from beginning to end, but I didn’t feel so excited and choked up. Honestly, I choked up the most at the scene when Peter hugged Gwen on the Brooklyn Bridge, because at that time I was able to see the view of NY city when the lights were on (I miss NYC so much, this is actually the city I have deep feelings for. ever for a variety of reasons). In addition, it was also a little touching when Peter said: “Now I will follow you, I will follow you to England.” (although the moment P said that, we understood that there was going to be a change). God I said the first time I watched a new superhero movie, there was a hero running after girls but not girls running around, I like it. :”>
  2. Dane DeHaan’s friend as Harry Osborn is also charming. Shocked to know that you are 28 years old this year, you still have time to get married. I really thought she was 9x because she was so young. The beauty of a rich man with a bold personality -> a little flustered..
  3. The whole movie romance is the best (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone love each other in real life, so the chemistry of this couple on the film is quite real and emotional), but the action is also normal. The problem is that the fights don’t create a sense of suspense, tension, or excitement. Action movies have to create a feeling of suffocation before people can “convince.” Perhaps because the action part was nothing groundbreaking, the new film was criticized by some people, because this is an action movie anyway.
  4. The film also conveys some pretty meaningful messages: being rich is not necessarily happy (oh of course :|); Rich guys are often selfish and can become ruthless if they don’t achieve their goals; meddling in other people’s affairs, even if it is to do good deeds, you will end up in trouble or die, it is best to hide and keep a lowly life =)); love the heroic stage of suffering (lessons from The Dark Knight, Thor, .. that’s relative…).

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