[Movie review] Bumblebee: Robot War version for children

Forget all about Seven’s Transformers mess, she’s now just sitting in the production chair to watch director Travis Knight turn Bumblebee into an authentic children’s movie. In the warm golden sunshine of California, the growth journey of little Charlie and her first car will be a great choice for all family members to enjoy on Christmas.

Bumblebee is a prequel to the Transformers series, and you absolutely don’t need to watch the previous installments to start your adventure with little Charlie. Even if you’ve never seen or forgotten the previous installments, all the better, because director Travis Knight’s intention is to “lightly” reboot the Transformers series, which is too bogged down in cheap hookups. by girls and cinematography. Bumblebee is a throwback to basics, a gift for kids who’ve fallen in love with Hasbro toys.
The film begins with a Transformers-like battle between the Autobots and Decepticons in the gloomy and desolate Cybertron, but that’s just a small remnant of Michael Bay. As soon as little Charlie appeared, along with the warm sunshine of California and the immortal music of the 80s; it’s Travis Knight’s own Bumblebee. The details are simple but logically integrated, the story is slow for the audience to easily follow and gently integrate some life lessons, you will see the style that has helped Kubo and Mission. The Oscar-nominated Samurai (Kubo And The Two Strings) flickers in Bumblebee.

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