I love the holiday season. My family and I love to watch as many holiday movies and specials as possible. In fact, this weekend we spent all day Saturday (literally!) watching as many holiday specials and movies as possible. It was bitterly cold outside, and snowing. Instead of dealing with the elements we opted to lounge around on the couch and watch all our holiday favorites. What we couldn’t squeeze in yesterday we watched this morning.

When it comes to holiday programming, I’m happy to watch just about anything. It’s a great way to keep in the holiday spirit.

A new DVD is now available called A Frozen Christmas is a nice option for young children.

A Frozen Christmas is the perfect way to get the family in the Holiday spirit with the most beloved animated Christmas characters, including Santa Claus, the Snowman, Elves, Santa’s Reindeer, and more! Gather around and listen as Santa and his young elf pals narrate time proud Christmas story classics such as, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Little Girls’ Christmas and more!

I’m not a big fan of this type of animation, but it did look cute. I was looking forward to reviewing it.

Sadly, looks are deceiving in this case. This is NOT an animated film filled with short stories like it would appear.

The images ARE in the movie, but, most of the movie is just swirls and colorful displays dancing across the screen while stories are READ to you. Another words, the stories are not acted out, they are simply read to you. You need to use your imagination to picture what is going on in the story.

The animations you do see come at the beginning and end of the stories, as well as in-between the stories that are being read. The do no play out throughout the entire movie.

I was disappointed. It was not what I had expected.

From an adult point of view, it’s not something I would watch. If I wanted to have a story read to me with no actual visuals I’ll have my Amazon Alexa read me a book from Audible.


This might be fun for younger children who enjoy being read to and might appreciate the swirly, random images that appear on the television screen as the stories are being read.

There is some holiday music and songs also featured on the DVD, which I thought was a nice touch.

The DVD has a run time of 73 minutes.

This would make a cute stocking stuffer or maybe something to entertain a child while traveling “over the river and through the woods” to grandma’s house.

Frozen Christmas

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