Godzilla vs Kong movie review: Strong in image, weak in everything

Duration: 113 minutes

Directed by: Adam Wingard

Actors: Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall


Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Premiere: March 25, 2021

After many days without a real blockbuster in theaters, fans have finally enjoyed a masterpiece of the monster universe when two super beasts with the most cult and fanclubs face off against each other. Kong and Godzilla both had their own films in 2017 and 2019, although they were not overrated, they partly built up the hearts of viewers. That’s why the encounter of these two characters on the big screen is indeed the biggest movie event of 2021. Let’s review Godzilla vs Kong to see if the movie is good and worth watching!

Plot: After Godzilla rescues humans from destruction from other evil beasts, suddenly one day, Godzilla suddenly attacked the headquarters of a technology company called Apex. This made the paper so concerned about Godzilla and Apex determined to find a way to fight this baby dinosaur that released this atomic energy beam. Meanwhile, Kong was brought back to captivity by humans for research at an artificial center and during a mission to transport Kong across the sea, Godzilla suddenly appeared and decided to win and lose with Kong. What will happen next, watch the movie to get the answer

True to the name of the movie, the most prominent Godzilla vs Kong is the landslide battles of two big kids in this monster universe. If Marvel has Civil War, DC has Batman v Superman, then Monster verse will be proud of having the battle of the two super beasts. The violence, eye-catching, monumental level of martial arts competitions in the film is really very, very good and special, the film brings back the atmosphere of childhood when reminding viewers of the battles between children. The giant super beast that we loved when we were kids when we watched the neighbor’s pirated movie disc.

Although the motif of the two main characters facing each other will have a relatively stereotyped ending according to a predictable general formula, the way Godzilla vs Kong’s story leads is still enough to attract viewers until the last minute. In the battle between these two big characters, viewers will feel for themselves who is the ultimate winner, not hanging like many other films of the same topic. This helps the film create a highlight and solve the long-standing questions in the audience’s heart.

In fact, when going to the cinema to watch this movie, most audiences only need to care about the battle of the super beasts, so the screenwriter has mastered the idea of ​​not having to focus too much on the depth of the content, but instead, the more Simple, clear, easy to understand, the better. Therefore, you will feel that the story of Godzilla vs Kong is merely a bridge for the two beasts to “interact” with each other, so it does not leave much impression on viewers.
About 1/3 of the first time of Godzilla vs Kong, the film focuses on telling the story through human thoughts and calculations, so this part feels lengthy, lengthy and boring. This feeling continues to exist in human scenes throughout the film, but fortunately, Kong and Godzilla’s battles are so good that they quickly awaken the audience from the impending drowsiness. .

According to Ghien review, compared to the previous movies of the monster cinematic universe, the Godzilla vs Kong movie has a much higher fantasy color because the modernity of the technological elements in the film has reached a virtual level. There are many scenes in the movie that make me think that I am watching a superhero movie or a technology movie in the future, not a movie about two animals fighting each other, all the laws of physics, all devices and vehicles. are different from what we used to know.

Not only stopping at the above minus point, Godzilla vs Kong also owns a lot of details that make viewers feel like heaven and earth because of their absurdity and lack of conviction. The action motives of the characters, breaking into security buildings is as simple as going to the park or giant monsters fighting to destroy the whole city, but people are still wandering around on the street right next to the battle. schools, .. general invisible reduces the experience when watching movies of difficult audiences.

Although they are all leading roles and have a lot of time to appear like the images of Kong and Godzilla in the film, they do not create sympathy or love from viewers. The reason for the above statement is that the script to build these two beasts is simply monsters with a grudge from the past, their actions are just the instincts of animals, lacking the elite of animals. higher object. Besides, their level of violence, cruelty as well as their destructive power to humans is really difficult for us to sympathize with. Therefore, for the plot part, review review only gives 6/10.

Image: According to Ghien review, the visual part is the part that Godzilla vs Kong does best, helping this movie reach the blockbuster stature. The film’s effects are very smooth, looking realistic, not faked, especially in the shaping and recreating the earthquake and earthquake battles of Kong and Godzilla. Not only that, the color of the film is incredibly beautiful and harmonious, especially when the main scene of the battle is set in Hong Kong with many types of red and blue lights, bringing a sense of voyeurism and art. , similar to how John Wick 3 did. So, addicted to review, please rate this part 8.5/10.

Sound: The sound of the movie Godzilla vs Kong is played by Junkie XL – the composer who has just breathed life into Zack Snyder’s Justice League, so every fight scene in the movie is reproduced very eloquently. However, due to being too focused on the battle of the 2 super beasts and being distracted by the weak storyline, it seems that the sound part does not make much of an impression on the viewer, whether it is the background music or the noises. , other sounds in the movie. Therefore, I am addicted to reviewing the audio section 6.5/10 guys.

Acting: Godzilla vs Kong brings together a relatively quality cast of current Hollywood such as Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown and Eiza González, and the appearance of some characters helps to make a logical connection between the film. this with the previous movies. However, because the plot is too immature, the characters in the film generally lack depth, especially their motives, thoughts and actions are absurd, difficult to accept and, importantly, not humane. Which objects leave a strong impression as well as push emotions to the viewer. So, I’m addicted to reviewing the acting part 6/10.

Assessment scale:

IMDB: 7.9/10 (3,915 reviews)
Google: 95/100
Rotten Tomatoes: 77/100 (fresh tomatoes)
In short, Godzilla vs Kong is a movie that is enough to satisfy the audience’s thirst for blockbusters for the big screen. The movie can be considered as Batman v Superman’s version of the monster universe because of its quality fights and problem-solving motif. It’s a pity that the film is too engrossed in recreating this historical confrontation that it forgets to develop the plot, build the sound and the characters properly, so that in the end, the only thing that remains in the mind of the people. View simply beautiful, colorful images as if a movie for children only.

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