Review Enola Holmes 2: Sherlock Holmes’s sister’s second case

Review Enola Holmes 2: The new part of the film continues the dramatic and fun journey of Enola Holmes. This time she does not need to run away from her brothers anymore, but gets into a series of troubles when she begins to pursue a career as a detective.
Despite mixed reactions to Enola Holmes, the film’s success is undeniable, attracting 76 million households in its first four weeks of release. That’s why at Netflix’s annual TUDUM fan event, Enola Holmes 2 announced that she would return with the familiar cast that made fans look forward to the developments of the rebellious girl. this, with her special family.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown, announced that she will reprise her lead role in Enola Holmes 2 through an Instagram post mid-year this year and shared: “I can’t wait to collaborate again with the family. Her Enola Holmes family! the character of Enola Holmes holds a special place in my heart – she is strong, fearless, intelligent and brave. I want fans to see how her journey continues!”

Enola Holmes 2 also quickly confirmed that the big stars had agreed to return, including actress Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes, the mother of talented children in the Holmes family. Henry Cavill will continue to be the brother of the talented detective Sherlock Holmes. Additionally, Louis Partridge will reprise the role of Lord Tewksbury and said he hopes his character will be able to prove himself a little more independent than in the first film.

The story in Enola Holmes 2 will continue to be written by screenwriter Jack Thorne (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), who wrote the story in the first part, based on author Nancy Springer’s book series, consisting of five books, about lots of different stories based on the life of Enola Holmes.

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