‘The Grinch’ – A cute story about someone who wants to ‘steal’ Christmas

Illumination’s new film continues to score points thanks to its lovely, friendly cast of characters, based on simple humanistic content and aimed at young children.

The story of The Grinch revolves around the character Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) – a hairy, green creature of the Human race (Who). Contrary to his compatriots in Ta Village (Whoville), he just likes to live alone in the mountains with his loyal dog Max.

Trouble arose when the villagers decided to have the biggest Christmas celebration ever. Having hated the annual holiday, Grinch decided to pretend to be Santa Claus, then go door to door to steal presents.

Unfortunately, little girl Cindy Lou (Cameron Seely) also plans to kidnap Santa to ask for a wish for his mother Donna Lou (Rashida Jones). From here, a series of humorous events occurred that changed the duo’s life.

Contains content based on the popular children’s series How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss, The Grinch had several hits on the screen in 1966 and 2000 (starring Jim Carrey).

This year, the original has an animated version molded by Illumination in a humorous style with familiar bright colors like many of their other famous productions such as the Despicable Me series or The Secret Life of Pets (2016).

The cast of characters is so cute
After debuting in Dr. Seuss in 1955, the Grinch quickly became a symbol of Christmas in Western countries. If the children obediently wait for Santa Claus to deliver gifts, the spoiled children are afraid of the green guy “stealing” the precious holiday.

However, Grinch through Illumination’s lovely drawings is like the “Iron Man” difficult version. His apartment is designed with many advanced systems, allowing the character to easily move around without having to exert much effort.

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