‘Captain America: Civil War’ – blockbuster that elevates the Marvel empire

The opening episode for the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe drastically changed the landscape of superhero movies in Hollywood today.

Superheroes adapted from comic books are films that have been exploited by Hollywood for decades but have never lost their appeal. The most prominent today are two powerful “empires” – Marvel and DC Comics – with dozens of characters that have been brought to the silver screen. However, while DC Comics is still struggling to find new ways to make their films – which are considered too dark, heavy – to become more entertaining, Marvel has built a ” cinematic universe” with a profit of billions of dollars since 2008 – when the first episode of Iron Man was released.

Captain America: Civil War – the 13th episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series – released this summer further affirms Marvel’s position and class.

Captain America: Civil War revolves around Steve Rogers (Captain America) leading a superhero team with members of the Avengers with the long-standing purpose of protecting humanity. But after many incidents happened because the Avengers team damaged property, the government set up a management agency and supervised the group. This caused internal divisions, creating two opposing factions. One side is led by Steve Rogers (Captain America) with the desire to maintain the group to carry out the goal of protecting humanity without government interference. The other side belongs to Tony Stark (Iron Man) who always supports monitoring and is accountable for everything he does to the government.

The most attractive point in this early summer blockbuster is the appearance of many Marvel superheroes loved by the audience. Without Thor, Nick Fury and Hulk, the remaining squad is Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, ScarletWitch, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and new characters like Spider-Man or Black Panther are still enough for viewers to feel. almost 150 minutes passed too short. There are many characters, but the film is not fragmented, but closely linked. Each superhero has enough land to show off their talent and personality. The screenwriters have captured the audience’s psychology to build so that every time a hero appears, the fans have to cheer and clap for excitement.

The most impressive appearance in Captain America: Civil War is that of Spider-Man (Spider-Man). In Marvel comics in particular as well as superheroes in general, this is a favorite character no less than Iron Man or Captain America. However, in the past, the copyright to exploit Spider-Man belonged to Sony, so now, after the two sides cooperate on copyright, this web-slinging hero can only appear with the Avengers. British young actor – Tom Holland – made a strong impression when playing the young Spider-Man. With what has been shown in this work, Spider-Man fans can completely look forward to a new future of this superhero made by Marvel, replacing the disastrous The Amazing Spider-Man movie duo. previous damage done by Sony.

The key factor that makes Captain America: Civil War the episode that changes the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe lies in the story. Previously, many non-fan audiences thought that Marvel’s superhero building was attractive, but the villains lacked personality and were bland, so the battles were often uneven and quite easy. Now the story revolves around the battle between the Avengers itself. Each superhero, which has a large fan base, can also become the villain and confront others within the organization. The script is reasonably built, dividing the story equally among the characters with the knots, openings and secrets gradually revealed at the end of the film.

Although the story is somewhat “tense” than previous episodes, Captain America: Civil War has not lost the humor that is the “specialty” of Marvel. At even the most dramatic moments, the audience can still laugh at an unexpected line or action. The seemingly innocuous dialogue of superheroes both in confrontation and closeness is also a funny factor, creating a balance with action scenes and special effects.

Captain America: Civil War gathers a large cast of A-list Hollywood stars. In addition to familiar faces like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, Emily VanCamp, this episode also features an equally famous actor. but kept secret until the last minute for viewers to discover for themselves when they come to the theater to enjoy.

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