Blade’s Strength and Abilities

At birth, Blade was mixed with humans and vampires, making him immune to natural vampire bites and their hypnosis. Although he is half a vampire, Blade still does not possess the abilities of a vampire, so Blade in his youth mainly relied on the fighting skills that Afari taught. Blade after being bitten by Morbius (the effective bite caused by Morbius is a vampire created by scientific experiments) has released the potential of the vampire inside, thus possessing the transcendent abilities of vampire. Blade’s senses are as sharp as a true vampire’s. Blade can see farther than the average person and see clearly everything in the dark. Blade also has the ability to hear sounds that normal people can’t hear or hear but normal sounds at a great distance.

In addition, Blade has the ability to sense the presence of supernatural entities near him (such as the Shuma Gorath).

Blade also possesses super strength, can lift up to a maximum of 1 ton. Blade’s movement speed exceeds that of the top athletes. Blade can effectively fight for hours on end before showing signs of fatigue. At the same time, Blade also possesses the ability to heal wounds and can heal severe slashes or stabs for several hours, but Blade cannot regenerate severed parts.

And stronger than normal vampires, Blade is immune to all vampire weaknesses (silver, garlic, cross, …).


In addition to these transcendent abilities, Blade is also an expert in supernatural phenomena and creatures (especially vampires) and also a talented warrior. Blade uses extremely professional knives, throws knives extremely accurately and can use almost any firearm from automatic to semi-automatic.

Blade is also a master of the martial arts Capoeira, Hapkido, Jujutsu, Shotokan Karate, Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu. When going to battle, Blade often equips himself with a few teak daggers (used instead of stakes), an acid-impregnated adamantium sword and a few guns that can fire a variety of bullets (garlic bullets, silver bullets).


But Blade still possesses a common weakness of vampires is that he needs to drink blood to maintain his super vampire ability and his life, if there is no blood, then Blade’s ability slowly declines and if for too long Blade can die. Blade instead drinks other people’s blood, he drinks a special serum that closely resembles blood. But without the serum, Blade will still instinctively attack and drink other people’s blood.

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