[Review] Beauty And The Beast: Old Context, New Thought

Grossing $170 million in North America and $350 million worldwide, Beauty And The Beast smashed all previous records for G and PG films. Disney is still wildly successful in engaging and delighting its fans despite the setting and story being memorized by thousands of children.

In addition to honoring enduring values ​​– love, family affection, beauty of the soul, it is easy to see that Beauty And The Beast 2017 version as a public support for the LGBT community and the struggle for women. permission. It is also because to fully convey this message that the filmmakers have worked very hard to choose actors. As the first princess in Disney history to have a thirst for knowledge more intense than a prince, Belle becomes a fearless heroine. Emma Watson feels like she was born just for the inquisitive heroine, with her brilliant intelligence and a free-spirited mind ahead of her time – Emma in real life isn’t too different from Belle, even Hermione Ranger for a while. Watson himself also shared his thoughts on the character Belle that “When you love something that much, you’ll really want to do it justice”. perfect” perhaps that’s why she turned down the female lead role of La La Land to focus on Belle, the Disney princess she felt that she was more suitable.

LeFou – played by Josh Gad, introduced as the first gay character in Disney movie history, has caused a lot of controversy in the online community because it is said to have a bad influence on children – the main audience of this famous animation studio. However, it was surprising when LeFou showed himself to be so secretive that perhaps only the LGBT community could feel his feelings for Gaston.


It’s hard to imagine, if the 142 minutes of the film lacks songs. Because up to half of the content is narrated only with lyrics. In addition, the emotions from intense and strong when LeFou celebrates his “close friend” – Gaston to gentle, deep and joyful with a little bit of hope when the curse is removed are expressed through rhythm, and even choreography. A movie doesn’t have to be expressed through songs, but once he’s chosen a musical genre, director Bill Condon always knows how to make it an indispensable material for a timeless fairy tale. this time.


To describe Beauty and the Beast can only be summed up in one word “beautiful and soulful”. The small French village on the high hill, the noodle maker with the golden mustache, the big and small whispers about the difference, the castle with white snow. gorgeous costumes, rose petals in a glass, a little girl and a romantic soul in the form of a beast. Disney has given its fans eye-catching footage.

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