20 Ways to Upgrade Your White T-Shirt for Warm Weather, Thanksgiving day

I’ll be the first to admit: Until this past year, I did not own a white T-shirt (I know, I genuinely have no idea what I used to wear). While I wasn’t against the T-shirt-based outfits that every celeb or influencer has sported at one time or another, I just never felt like there was anything special about it. But once I finally gave in, I realized that was the point: There’s nothing special about a white T-shirt. It’s plain and it’s simple—but that’s the exact reason why it’s such a staple.

Sure, you’ve probably already tried numerous combos, like pairing your tee with jeans and a leather bomber for that Hailey Bieber, LA, cool-girl aesthetic, but it’s time to switch things up for warmer, sunnier days on the horizon. Ready to make use of your white tee this summer? We’ve got you covered with these six looks.

Thanksgiving day gift shirts

Thankful Teacher Sweatshirt, Happy Special Present

Thankful Teacher , Teacher Fall , Teacher Autumn Shirt

Retro Teacher , Fall Teacher Sweatshirt

Pumpkin Teacher , Pumpkin , Fall Shirts, Shirt for Women

Personalized One Thankful Teacher Shirt, Fall Teacher Shirt

Fall Teacher , Thankful Floral, Teach Love Inspire Sweatshirt

Moschino Teddy Bear T Shirt, Moschino T-Shirt For Men

Disney Frozen Thanksgiving Group Happy Harvest Shirts

Give Thanks Cornucopia, Thanksgiving Fall Autumn

Give Thanks Cute Cornucopia Sweater, Thanksgiving Sweater

Thanksgiving Cornucopia , Costume Art Classic T shirt

Dabbing Turkey , Thanksgiving day T Shirt

Rainbow Thanksgiving Teacher Sweatshirt, Hoodie

Happy Thanksgiving Ya Idjits Vintage – Supernatural , TV Series T Shirt

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