10 Halloween Costume Ideas Based on 2022 Movies and TV

Roughly how many costume ideas are in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once?’.

Another yearly cycle of movies and TV delivers a new crop of Halloween costume ideas! Whether fans are looking for a solo costume, a couples costume, an ensemble with friends at a Halloween party or a clever family portrait, 2022 has been filled with great titles that can inspire great costume ideas.

Get ready to see Eddie Munson and Vecna from Stranger Things 4! Superheroes are always a safe bet, like the many cameos and variations of characters in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or the gaudy superhero suits of The Boys Season 3. House of the Dragon brings fans back to Westeros, while Netflix series like The Sandman and Bridgerton Season 2 are full of unique wardrobes for more inspiration. Then you have horror flicks like The Black Phone, Pearl and the upcomingHalloween Ends that can pack a scare into your costume this year.


Anyone in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’
An imaginative sci-fi comedy, Everything Everywhere All At Once transports fans through the multiverse as simple laundromat owner Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) becomes the last hope from the universe fracturing. Given the multiverse, Yeoh and her cast mates feature dozens of costume ideas; how about the universe with hotdog fingers or the one with muscular pinkies… where do we start?

The most costume potential comes from Joy (Stephanie Hu), who drifts through multiverses in a myriad of absolutely incredible looks. Then there’s Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) with an awesome fanny pack prop, or IRS agent Deirdre Beubeirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis) with a receipt stapled to her forehead. An amazing cosplay challenge is the grandfather’s (James Hong) old school computer mech-suit, but for all the incredible costume ideas fans can go the minimalist approach, needing just one googly eye stuck to your forehead.

The Mighty Thor, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’
Halloween is a fun time to gender swap pop culture characters, especially with couples costumes, but Thor: Love and Thunder has fans covered. The fourth solo film of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) finds the bulky hero in a midlife crisis before running into his old flame, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who also possesses the power of Thor.

Thor isn’t a new costume idea, but the inclusion of The Mighty Thor gives young girls the more of an opportunity to be the powerful Asguardian hero. Also, this Thor adventure plays like a rom-com, so its perfect for a couples Thor costume. With every MCU entry also comes new villains, Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) is a striking costume as a pious priest with sharp teeth and in grayscale.

Fighter Pilot, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’
Go back to Halloween 1986, and you’d see some jet fighter pilots at the grown-up’s Halloween parties, as Top Gun (1986) became that year’s highest grossing film. 36 years later, Top Gun’s popularity has not diminished, with its 2022 sequel currently sitting atop the box office charts yet again, so bust out your old fighter pilot costume or get a new one!

Top Gun: Maverick features the return of Tom Cruise as US Navy Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who trains a new crop of talented pilots in the Top Gun program. With a long history of insubordination Maverick is kept on a short leash, but his past reignites when the son of his deceased best friend becomes his student.

The Feral Predator, ‘Prey’
The Predator franchise is back to form with the latest installment, Prey. Acting as a prequel, this hunt is set in 1719 and features a younger, less armored version of the Yautja species, known for embarking on ritual hunt as acts of initiation. This sleek design of the Feral Predator makes for an opportune costume to tackle.

While fans can’t go invisible, there isn’t too much armor to deal with, but a few gnarly props, like its wrist blades and shield. The biggest design element for a costume is the bone-like mask the Feral Predator uses, which reveals the bottom of its mouth and mandibles. Focus on the mask and head of the Feral Predator and your costume will be a hit.

Elvis, ‘Elvis’
Elvis is pop culture icon that undoubtedly sees many costumes each year, but with the recent biopic Elvis (2022), this is a perfect year to be the ‘King of Rock n’ Roll’. The biopic stars Austin Butler as the legendary musician, Elvis Presley, chronicling his life from childhood to stardom and all the drama in between.

Elvis was known for breaking social norms with his gyrating sexuality and flashy stage outfits. Crafted by costume designer Catherine Martin, many of the outfits Butler wore were focused on historical accuracy, researching and compiling countless references of Elvis’s real wardrobe in order to recreate them. Any fans looking for a flashy costume, look no further!

Agojie Warrior, ‘The Woman King’
While being respectful to the cultural appropriation of the Agojie, an all-woman warrior unit that protected the kings of 1800’s West Africa, the film features a powerful costume design. The Woman King stars Viola Davis as General Nanisca, the action-drama follows the general training upincoming warriors to protect their kingdom from outside threats.

Each character bears a unique version of their warrior persona, which opens up the opportunity for fans to adapt their own empowered outfits. The Agojie female warriors seem to have inspired fictional ones like the Dora Milaje seen in Black Panther (2018), both incredible costumes ideas as long as fans respect the cultural appropriation of such characters and costumes.

Jackass Forever Johnny Knoxville
Jackass is back! They’re older but certainly not wiser, as the gluttons for punishment return for the fourth feature film, Jackass Forever. Known to rehash classic stunts, going bigger with each attempt, launching Johnny Knoxville into a body of water seems to be one of the most prevalent of these revisits.

Seen on many marketing materials, Knoxville’s angelic figure soars higher than ever before after being shot out of a canon. The daredevil wears a breezy white tunic, rope belt, a bright red pair of chucks, and a pair of wings. Get the wings and these simple clothes, and you’re costume is set, just remember the Jackass disclaimer; don’t try this stunt at home.

Jim Carrey Robotnik
Sonic is back with a new look for Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As one of the most beloved funnymen of all time, who can pass up a chance to dress up as such a goofy persona that oozes villainy. One big trait that sets Carey’s outfit apart from the first movie is Robotik has his extra long mustache more like the source material.

Expect to see some Sonic (Ben Schwartz) costumes as well; a great option for kids to pick up at the Halloween stores that fits perfectly with costumes of new characters, Tails (Colleen O’Shaughnessey) and Knuckles (Idris Elba). This would make a great ensemble of costumes and the idea of young kids, or adults, toting Robotnik’s enlarged mustache sounds hilarious.

Galadriel in armor
The Rings of Power boasts a high production value with costume designer Kate Hawley crafting many visually striking and intricate costumes identifying each Middle Earth race and demographic. Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) challenges cosplayers at conventions who have taking a liking to the elf’s suit of shimmering silver armor, finished with a golden star on her breastplate.

The series features many more costumes and unique armor, like the Elven warrior armor of Arondir (Ismael Cruz Córdova) contouring his figure like the growth of tree bark, or Durin IV (Owain Arthur) fitted with his giant Dwarvish beard. If you want to be a villain, the orcs shelter from the sun with their off-white snake skin cloaks, or Adar (Joseph Mawle), one of the first orcs who were elves corrupted by Morgoth, accented with his black spike gauntlet.

Moon Knight
Each year there’s a new crop of heroes, villains, or new interpretations of familiar ones. Take for example The Batman (2022), with Robert Pattinson’s leathery new take on the legendary cape and cowl. New takes on characters come each year, but refreshingly enough Moon Knight is a new character to wider audiences and therefore an untapped costume idea.

Moon Knight (2022) stars Oscar Issac in dual personas, apathetic mercenary Marc Spector and skittish historian Stephen Grant, who together hold the power of an Egyptian god. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, Moon Knight features a mummy wrap design when Mark is in control. However, fans get two options here, because while Stephen is in control it’s an all white suit, both are perfect Halloween costume to choose from.