10 most trending eCommerce niches in 2022 & the upcoming years

1. Pet products

Ever since dogs and cats dominate the internet, no one can doubt how much we love our furry friends. Thus, the growing popularity of products for pets in recent years comes as no surprise. 

A significant increase in the demand for pet products

As more consumers treat their pets like family members, they find more ways to keep them healthy and happy. 

Lots of pet owners now feed them with organic, natural food. A survey even discovered that 43.6% of people asked are pickier about what their pets eat than their own. 

Along with organic foods, pet wellness products are on a rise too. From supplements to help improve gut health to CBD oils that reduce anxiety symptoms, to cat toothbrushes,… you will find lots of useful things to sell for pet lovers. 

2. Subscription

From newspaper & milk delivery to gym memberships, the subscription model is not new. However, combined with eCommerce and digitalization, it now provides consumers with even greater convenience while saving time and effort for store owners.

Buyers can enjoy a stress-free buying experience, free shipping, and attractive deals while subscribing to buy from eCommerce brands. 

On the owners’ end, subscription means a sustainable number of loyal customers to generate recurring revenues. Their stores can grow without sales & marketing efforts to acquire new customers. 

The business model has witnessed a booming increase in number over the past decades. The eCommerce niche is reported to double in size in five years from 2011 to 2016. Covid-19 and lockdown even fueled it to go further, according to Forbes. 

Also, BigCommerce suggests that the subscription model is one of the biggest eCommerce trends in 2022.

What’s interesting about subscription boxes is that you can sell anything. 

Traditionally, there have been groceries, vitamins, food, beauty products, etc. Lately, some eCommerce store owners have creatively invented subscription services for cat litter or toys. 

data for toy subscription eCommerce niche
Toy subscription is rising in demand. 

3. Home office equipment

Ever since the social lockdown, consumers have been buying for the comfort of working at home. 

data for home office equipment
(credit/ Google trend)

As you can see in the graph, the trend is at its peaked during “the Covid years”.

However, there has been a decline recently, probably because many countries have lifted quarantine restrictions and people are freer to engage in outdoor activities. 

Nevertheless, we still regard this eCommerce niche to grow sustainably in the near future due to digitalization and the WFH trend. Also, the increasing popularity of freelance work may contribute to this growth. 

A report by Modor Intelligence suggests that the home office market’s CARG (compound annual growth rate) will increase by 5.5% by 2025. 

graph for home office equipment's market size
(Credit/ Mordor Intelligence)

4. ReCommerce 

ReCommerce means selling items that are previously owned, both new or used. Some common ReCommerce products include clothing, electronic goods, books, jewelry, etc. 

High-end products are what people seek the most since this is a chance to get decent products at much lower prices.

Meanwhile, rental clothing is a business model sharing many similarities with eCommerce clothing. 

The model was thriving prior to Covid19 with the most shining example of Rent the Runaway. The clothing rental eCommerce platform lets its members rent luxury, high-end apparel, which is ideal for one-time events, important dates, and even flashy Instagram photoshoots. 

However, the last two years have not been easy for companies in this industry. As people mostly rely on pajamas, joggers, and T-shirts at home, fewer clothes are bought. 

On the other hand, you have every right to expect it to rebound whenever people can go out and have fun. ReCommerce and rental clothing are in line with the sustainability trend, also, they seem to be a decent choice for budget-conscious customers after the pandemic. 

reCommerce market size graph
According to Thredup, the second-hand market is expected to grow double in size by 2026

An upward trend in used electric vehicles

On the other hand, there’s a surge in demand for electric vehicles as clearly shown in this Google trend graph. 

Google trend data for used electric vehicle

The increasing demand, by no surprise, is triggered by environment-conscious consumers and the sustainability trend.

5. Eco-friendly products

This is indeed a broad niche covering a wide range of fields from cosmetics, to home goods, to fashion to travel stuff.

The thing is, this eCommerce niche has been popular for a while, and you may wonder if it’s still profitable.

Subjectively, we have good reasons to be positive. Eco-friendliness is everywhere on the internet, big publishers and government media talk about it all the time. 

What’s more? There have been tons of sustainability movements in a wide range of fields from heavy industries, to fashion, to vegan eating. 

In number, a 2021 global report conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature has found that “the popularity of searches for sustainable products rise 70% over the past five years”. 

global searches for sustainable products data

We have checked numerous clean products in Google trends to see how this trend actually performs in the graph. From what we see, the most in-demand products are eco-friendly while at the same time, still offering pretty much the same convenience and performance as other products.

These include goods like tote bags, mineral sunscreen, and reusable containers.

Google trend data for mineral sunscreen

An article by Fast Company has also pointed out a disadvantage of clean products that slow down their growth: They often have much poorer usability than their normal counterparts. 

Thus, lots of consumers are interested in these products but they do not make any purchases. 

However, as more effort is put into this industry, this problem may fade away in the near future. If you are a green enthusiast, finding, developing & selling truly good green products may be your chance to succeed. 

6. Health & Wellness products

According to Global New Shire, the health & wellness food market is expected to grow by 9.20% and reach 162.09 billion by 2026. 

Because health and fitness remain 2022’s top new year resolutions, it’s easy to predict the on-growing demand for this eCommerce niche. 

On the other hand, this is a big eCommerce niche already, and there is probably an abundance of competitors in the market. 

The only chance to stand out is always catching up with the latest trends or offering unique products that nobody has. 

Since this huge niche still has lots of untouched territories, there’s still plenty of room for newcomers in 2022.

Here are some micro-niches in the health food market that have good upward trends (according to Google Trends).

Google trend data for health products
  • Brain supplement
  • Plant-based diet
  • Low-fodmap: a special diet for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Collagen supplement

7. Educational toys

School closure and Covid-19 lockdown have pushed parents to play and learn with their homeschooled children. Educational toys which improve essential skills and make parents’ teaching easier are a popular choice.

Since schools keep being on and off in 2022 (due to the Omicron), also, learning toys are proven to benefit children’s development greatly, the trend is expected to last in 2022 and beyond.

Google data for educational toys

Besides sudden surges in search during every winter holiday season, the learning toy industry shows gradual growth throughout the years. 

8. Online course

Online learning has become easier than ever. Also, thanks to Covid19, people have been so accustomed to this learning model, which is both cost-effective and convenient.

According to New York Times, online course isn’t just a student thing, but more and more adults are also turning to learn online to catch up with the fast-paced economic and digitalized world. 

Also, since the career span is getting longer, even older adults above 50 years old still seek chances for learning. 

Let’s take a look at this graph which shows the search trends of the most popular online course platforms at the moment.

online course platform Google trend data

They reached their peaks during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown. Recently, the trends show signs of going downward.

During the onset of Covid-19, many people felt bored at home, and thus, were excited to learn new skills & improve their professions. As consumers in many countries are now able to enjoy the outdoors, less time is spent on online studying. 

However, we can see that the trends have continued even before the pandemic. Also, although they are not growing as intensively as in the last two years, they are rising gradually compared to the pre-Covid.

According to Globe New Shire, the global e-learning market will reach $457.6 billion by 2026, with the CARG (Compound Annual Growth Rate) growth of 10.3%. 

If you want to thrive in the online course industry, it’s best to think of your expertise, and what skills you can offer to your audiences. 

There are many ways to start selling, from creating your own courses website, or selling on platforms like Skillshare or Udemy. 

9. P.O.D products (Print-On-Demand)

P.O.D products are printed only after their orders are placed. Store owners, therefore, do not need to invest in inventory or work with suppliers to sell. 

Due to its flexibility and low risk, P.O.D attracts tons of newcomers to the eCommerce game in recent years. You may have found lots of P.O.D guide videos on youtube, which show how popular P.O.D is. 

Prevalent as it is, is P.O.D still profitable in 2022? 

Yes, it’s still a growing industry, which is expected to grow 33.86% before 2026. There are more companies offering print-on-demand services for eCommerce store owners. Also, compared to the early days when late shipments are common cases, their services have improved so much recently. These are the chances for every P.O.D store admin to optimize their performances.

Moreover, you do not have to invest in buying goods and inventory. Therefore, success in the P.O.D business heavily relies on how carefully you can research to find a niche market, how creative you are to offer unique product designs, and how good you are at marketing.

Also, print-on-demand is not just about selling T-shirts anymore. From face masks to yoga mats, there’re many things to print on, thus, lots of room for creativity.

If you have good relevant skills (i.e design skills, marketing skills, trend research skills), dedication, and a thorough understanding of the market, you still have a good chance to thrive. 

10. Beauty products for men

three men using cosmetics

A survey conducted by GWI found that “beauty and cosmetics have been the “fastest-growing interest” among male buyers ever since 2018”, which reached its peak in 2020.

The growing demand for male beauty products starts during the lockdown period – when men spend more time focusing on their wellness and exploring different products and routines. 

Also, people, especially the Z generation, are being more open-minded about men wearing cosmetics. This change in mindset is influenced by world-famous Asian celebrities and trending Tik Tokers who challenge beauty standards and pursue gender-neutral looks.

Looking from another perspective, cosmetics can be very helpful for men in daily life. They hide blemishes or bruises that hinder men from creating a good impression on important dates, interviews, or meetings. 

You may have already seen beauty products for men with greater varieties. From shaving creams, shampoo, and fragrances to beard oil, concealers, to men’s manicures,… more is about to come in the upcoming years.

men skincare brand example
Brickell features a wide range of organic skincare products from anti-aging to acne control, which is specially formulated for male skins. 

From our observations, this trend is particularly popular in developed countries where more people support gender neutrality. So if you come from a rather conservative country, men grooming products may still not be a profitable eCommerce niche.

men grooming products google trends
The demand for men grooming products grows steadily in the UK (Google Trends)

Furthermore, as it’s still a sensitive subject, people need time to be more open-minded. This eCommerce niche trend will not rise dramatically, but instead, increase gradually.

According to Euromonitor International, the men’s grooming market is expected to grow by 2.2 percent in 2022. 

If you are interested in the products and believe in the benefits it offers, selling men grooming products may be a successful eCommerce niche for you.

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